Know scientology, know it’s a con

The “church” of scientology is launching a new media blitz, with the strapline of “know yourself, know life”.

Here’s the first one, entitled “Search”:

The other two are equally as vapid, and tell you absolutely nothing whatsoever. Except that you’re special, but you’d be more special if you only licked Tom Cruise’s arse joined their cult“religion”.

As usual, they don’t mention anywhere in the adverts how much acquiring this “knowledge” of yourself or your life will cost you, but we already know a ballpark figure. Hint: it’s in the tens of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros (or a comparable sum in your local currency), paid directly into their corporate coffers through your nose.

Ouch. Sounds painful, doesn’t it?

They also allow neither ratings nor comments on the YouTube hosted videos. And I already know that you’re not at all surprised by this.

The advert spots are worth watching if only to see what a multi-million dollar campaign will get you.

In a word, fuck-all.

Of course, any post related to scientology wouldn’t be complete without links to Operation Clambake and What’s The Harm? I would have included one to Why Are They Dead? but the site appears to be a defunct spam magnet.

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